We have experienced first-hand how excellent bioinformatics can transform biotechnology research and development.

Every company deserves this capability.


Our Mission

To make best-in-class bioinformatics available to every scientist, in every company, at every stage of research.

How we achieve this

Bioinformatics talent is scarce but diverse, therefore some experts are better suited to certain tasks than others. We provide a platform and process that leverages Agile management philosophy to divide and allocate work, allowing us to capture previously untapped efficiencies. By breaking our clients' projects into small, self-contained tasks, analyses or questions, ranking them by priority, pricing by value, and assigning them based on expertise, we can apply well-matched talent to high-priority work. We believe this approach will bring massive gains in efficiency that will transform our scarce talent pool into an abundant resource.

Furthermore, we support the community by:

  • Open-sourcing all of our own pipelines, computational notebooks, and tools, while protecting client confidential information
  • Sharing knowledge through prolific blogging and presenting
  • Training the next generation of bioinformatics scientists as consultants, and fully supporting if they choose to leave for full-time industry positions