Here's an overview of our process

Value-based prices

Value-based pricing is a common alternative to hourly rates for many consulting projects. Charging by value, rather than consultant's time, aligns incentives between consultants and clients, because consultants are rewarded for providing the best possible value with the greatest efficiency.

We take value-based pricing one step further – projects are broken down into the smallest possible tasks, and values are assigned to each task. Small tasks means short iterations between questions and answers, resulting in an agile, responsive bioinformatics resource at your fingertips!

Task Board

We create a personal online kanban board for you to submit questions, request analyses, and watch as they are accepted by experts and completed.

Your task board provides a shared space with a view of all of your group's analysis tasks and questions.


Tasks flow through the board as follows:

1. Task creation

You create new tasks whenever you have a question or need an analysis. We'll work with you to iteratively define the methods, datasets, due dates, and deliverables.

2. Task pricing

Our Experts price each individual task by assigning one or more categories from a predefined menu of common data analysis operations.

We assign an Expert that is best suited for each task. You can always view the resume or CV of any Expert working on your project before the work is started.

3. Approve the price

You approve the price and we'll get to work on your data!

4. Analysis and delivery

When the analysis is finished, we'll send you links to your deliverables. These might be a computational notebook, figures, tables, processed data, or a written analysis. We provide a secure website to view and discuss your results.

5. Approve the deliverables

If the analysis looks good, you approve it. We only charge for approved tasks, so you'll never pay for work that doesn't meet your standards.

That's it!

No more searching for consultants, begging your collaborators, hounding your core facilities, or staring at piles of un-analyzed data.

Now go cure some diseases!